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Enhance your cycling performance with Souplesse Cycling. Browse our collection of high-quality cycling clothing and gear, crafted for both comfort and style. Upgrade your ride by shopping with us today.

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Developing my own cycling apparel brand allows me to offer a personal approach to my customers. I can consider specific requirements and preferences of cyclists and incorporate them into the designs and production of my clothing. This results in a product that meets the individual needs of the cyclist.

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All my other jerseys go down in value as more Souplesse hangs in my closet

Bjorn G

Oudenaarde, BE


Today we did a 6 hour ride... Our personalized BIB Shorts are awesome! Didn't feel any pain!

Maarten G

Sint-Eloois-Vijve, BE


The aero arm sleeves are great, a nice fit, perfect for racing!

Pieter V

Roeselare, BE


The Long BIBS have a perfect fit! The little details are really nice, it suits me really well, thanks!

Kristof M

Zulte, BE


Perfect fit! Warm & comfortable!

Elton V

Brakel, BE


The Short BIB is great! Just did my first 70km and didn't feel any pain! PERFECT!

Marco B

Desselgem, BE